Music for the Grieving Heart

There have been many moments when my own words were insufficient. Even when the melody of my soul was silenced, another melody reached in and sang over me. 

Music brings comfort.  As you listen, I pray these songs give you space to contemplate and give words to your emotions.

I’ve compiled some favorite songs and created a playlist for each chapter of Grieve, Create, Believe: Process Your Loss with Intention and Truth, my book which is available on Amazon.  You can find the playlists by clicking the Spotify playlists below or following my profile.

Spotify is available as an app or on the computer, and the free version (with ads) should still allow you access to these playlists.  

Lament: Permission to Grieve and Mourn

Peace: Protect Yourself

Comfort: Seek the Lord’s Comfort

Love: Identity as a Beloved Child of God

Faith: Growing Our Trust in God

Hope: Living in Hope and Awaiting Heaven

Grace: Freely Given and Freely Received 

Courage: Combat Fear, Lies, and the Enemy

Joy: Transformation and Renewal

Our Story: A Glimpse into God’s Big Story

Start the first playlist here:

Begin to process your loss with intention and truth. Grieve, Create, Believe is available on Amazon.