Open to Gratitude

Is there space for gratitude in your grief?  I never knew I could be grateful for loss, but it has given me perspective that I would never otherwise have. To be honest, it took a lot of time and processing to get to this point.  It’s okay if you’re not there. I am thankful for … Continue reading Open to Gratitude

helping someone through grief

I am often asked how someone can be of support to others in their grief.  Here are some simple, straightforward and practical ways you can show your love. -Your willingness to be loving, kind, supportive, and present goes a really long way.  Reaching out and showing love means so much.  Your thoughts and prayers (even … Continue reading helping someone through grief

Revamped blog

Come visit our newly updated blog at Over time, didn’t fit our blog name any more.  Clive did win by going to heaven.  But what about Winnie’s story?  And what about adoption, and parenting, and everything else as we continue on in this journey of life.  We have more to share. We never … Continue reading Revamped blog