Dear NICU Mama

Dear NICU mama, I see your tired eyes turning to look at the monitors.  What does that beeping mean? You’re overwhelmed with information, but you’re learning more quickly than you ever have.  Medical terms are becoming normal in your daily vocabulary as you’re initiated into NICU life. Your legs might be swollen from standing vigil … Continue reading Dear NICU Mama

Transformed through Suffering

April always reminds me of my hospital stay leading up to my son Clive's birth five years ago. This is a picture from my first day at the hospital during that stay. Life isn't normal right now, and we are being transformed through our experiences. Some days we may just be able to hold on. … Continue reading Transformed through Suffering

a book!

I’m writing a book. Whew.  It takes a whole lot of courage to admit that I’m working on this project. Maybe I’m scared of it not happening?  Or maybe I’m overwhelmed by enthusiasm? Maybe I still think it’s silly and trivial? I’m about halfway done with the first draft and 120-something pages in, so I … Continue reading a book!