another baby George!

We’re grateful for the children God has given us to love.

Our first baby would be five, Clive would be four, Winnie would be three, and Corrie is two. For being a household with just one crazy 2 year old running around, we carry the unseen fullness of more. Sometimes our hearts feel spent with all the love poured out for these sweet children of ours, but love has a way of multiplying.

So we’re welcoming that multiplication again with another little George babe—I’m four months along into another pregnancy. One of the many things we’ve learned the past five years is that we can’t dictate to God what the future should look like. Although we’d like to know for sure what next year holds, we’re holding onto all the good news as it comes and celebrating each day with this very-wanted baby.

We’re thankful to those who are holding this pregnancy—this child—so dearly as they make room for our joy, sorrow, fear, and anticipation. It may not make sense, given our journey, but we feel hopeful. Perhaps our hope is mad, but it’s not naïve. We know what could lay ahead, better than nearly anyone, but we still believe in our hearts that this is the true, beautiful path before us. There’s no reason to anticipate another loss, with Clive and Winnie’s deaths being found unrelated and uninherited, but you can imagine our fears. But for now, each day is a chance to celebrate—and some days that is done through tears, for which there is no shame.

Thank you for celebrating with us.

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