Remember a Sibling in Heaven with a Mini-Book


I recently made a special little book for 11 month old Coralie.  It’s so important to me that she grow up knowing about her big brother and sister, and this seemed like the perfect way to share them.  I wrote lots of social stories (short books) for my students when I was teaching Early Childhood Special Education, and they are so helpful to convey info in a direct, yet kid-friendly way.  We don’t need to sugar coat everything (neither do we need to cause fear!).  So, here’s my attempt at finding that balance for my littlest daughter.

I made it in an afternoon and I just LOVE how it turned out!  I’m sharing for those who want to make your own.   Our children in heaven are so special, so loved, and so remembered.



What I used:

I simply wrote out the text I wanted and arranged it with pictures that I printed.  Glued it together, laminated, punched holes, added rings… done!

I’d love to share the text with you.  You can view and edit it here.

Send me a picture of yours when you’re done.  So many beautiful children to remember.

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