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Over time, didn’t fit our blog name any more.  Clive did win by going to heaven.  But what about Winnie’s story?  And what about adoption, and parenting, and everything else as we continue on in this journey of life.  We have more to share.

We never expected to be sharing our story in this way, but as our path became more difficult and our journey more complicated, we knew that there was purpose in our story.  If nothing else, our story could make others feel they are not alone—which is precisely what other’s stories have done for us.

We’re not writing from the other side of some bridge, having “made it through”.  We’re still walking (stumbling really) and God is teaching us as we go.  I think some of the most helpful people I have encountered in my life have been sharing from “the middle” in an honest, vulnerable, and refreshing way.

Life is busy.  I’m writing this early on a Saturday morning, in between feeding spoonfuls of baby food, while texting with Sam about the coffee shop.  But just as we make time to connect in our marriage, spend time as a family, and privately grieve, we’re convinced that making time to write will be helpful, both to us and hopefully to others.   Hopefully you’ll hear more from both of us on here.

Thanks for reading, for caring and for loving us so well.

(P.S. Lucky for us, technology rocks and we were able to transfer all our old posts! Plus, will still redirect people to the new site.  #winning)

2 thoughts on “Revamped blog

  1. Jenn Nowkhah says:

    I’ve follwed your story on Facebook from the beginning. My husband and I started Hayden’s Hope after losing our infant son and are also adoptive parents.
    I am so happy you are experiencing the joy of adoption. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.


    • Rachel George says:

      Thank you so much, Jenn. I just got a chance to read about Hayden’s Hope. What an absolutely beautiful way to remember your sweet son. We also had 39 days with Clive. Sweet, sweet babies that are so dearly loved.


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