A Beautiful Lament: Winnie’s Service

This is so beautiful and sacred and special to us.  It’s the last big thing we got to do for our little girl. And as much as it hurt and we didn’t want to do it, we wanted to do it well.  We wanted it to be beautiful and sorrowful.  We wanted it to capture her beauty and God’s love.  We wanted it to capture our bleeding hearts and our endless love for her.

It’s not short, but it’s so worth watching.  The songs and psalms and prayers and messages are so worth your time. The beautiful soul-moving music is so powerful.  We’re so grateful for the people who helped pull this together.  We know that learning these songs in a couple days took so much effort, and we are so very thankful.

This is our example of capturing the beauty of life, soul-crushing pain of death, and the hope of heaven.  Please share this example, share this hope, share our story.

Here’s the beautiful lament.

Songs & Psalms in Service:
  • Psalm 88 (Ben George)
  • “Have You Forsaken Me?” – The Brilliance
  • “Our God Alone” –The Brilliance
  • Psalm 102 (Beth Iverson)
  • Picture Slideshow (“Trees & Flowers” and “A New Song” by Karla Adolphe)
  • Psalm 139 (Becky Collette)
  • Message (Kurt Sovine)
  • “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go”—Ascend the Hill
  • “Reason to Sing”—All Sons and Daughters
  • “A Dream of Heaven” from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • “Come Lord Jesus” – Dustin Kensrue
  • Prayer (Daniel Chappell)

Jeff Nardoni- Guitar
Eli Nardoni- Violin
Ben Nardoni- Cello

Steve Henry- Piano

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