winnie’s nursery & preparing our hearts this year

We’re going to be meeting our girl sometime this month.  Actually, really sometime in the next 3 weeks.  And I think we’re as ready as we’ll be (aside from the carseat, because Sam keeps hauling stuff around in my car and putting my seats down! 🙂 love you, Sam.) 
At an appointment earlier this week, we actually thought we might be having the baby that day.  Sam and I both thought we saw certain things on the scan and as we waited 40 minutes to see the doctor we talked about it.  Wow, it might be today.  Too bad we didn’t bring the hospital bag.  Not that we need anything, anyway.  Who has a key to our house anymore?  We might be meeting Winnie today! And (thankfully) we didn’t see what we both thought we saw, and everything still looked stable.  But, it was a good reminder of the peace that we have right now.  Of course we’d rather not have a delivery because something looks concerning, but it was a good reminder that our hearts are at peace and we trust God so much right now.  
Don’t get me wrong, I still have anxiety and trouble sleeping and lots of thoughts (especially after appointments, even good appointments), but overall there is a peace and trust.  

 “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…my soul knows it full well.”  

And we’re waiting patiently for her to make her arrival, and just enjoying these continued moments of bonding with our unborn baby.  So today I’m sharing Winnie’s room.  Made special for her.  With love and hand-me-downs from Clive.
It still has a little adventurer theme, but tons of cute wildflower and sweet accents.  There are so many special things that people made for her and Clive that are in this room.  So many reminders of the love for our two children.  

There’s a special trunk we picked out to put some of Clive’s stuff in, and a teddy bear that was made with his blanket– such a treasured gift from a friend.  

There’s a print with Winnie’s song.  A special gift from a friend.  And all the little girl clothes ready to be worn. 

We can’t wait to bring you home, darling! 
Aside from the physical preparations, I’ve done so much to prepare my heart.  Journaling and recording memories, keeping a calendar of special events and milestones in the pregnancy, celebrating with baby showers, and taking pictures of the growing bump. 
I’ve focused on keeping the stress low, the food healthy, and the exercise a priority.  I’ve worked through trauma and grief to try to prepare myself for hospitals, appointments, and being around a newborn.  I’ve covered her in prayer and I’ve trusted God with sustaining her from the moment I knew of her. 
I haven’t done it perfectly at all, and there have been plenty of moments of doubt, stress, and anxiety.  There have been so many emotions and things I haven’t shared in this journey through pregnancy.  But the important thing is that through it all (or despite it all), I’ve intentionally spent time bonding with her.  I’ve also intentionally spent time thinking of Clive.  As I’ve prepared my heart for so much renewed joy (that has already come!), I’ve also prepared my heart for the bittersweet moments that have come and will come as we get to celebrate wonderful milestones with Winnie that Clive did not reach.  So many moments will have joy and pain, but still be so beautiful–just as our children are.

Celebrating Winnie this year: 

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