Our Team

Clive had a great team. We had a great team.

From Christie Clinic to Carle Hospital to OSF to the Children’s Hospital of IL NICU to the Children’s Hospital of IL PICU.

All the doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, techs.  Our team.

It’s really hard to capture how much they mean to us.  I think of them often.  Sometimes by name, sometimes just by face– because there were over 40 doctors, and 100s of nurses with us in those 8 weeks.  I think about how much they did for us and Clive.  I wonder how they are doing.

There is this intimacy with them because they knew and cared for our boy.  He was known and loved by so many in his short little life.  Clive didn’t get to meet cousins or friends, or even all of his family.  So, in many ways, our team feels like family.

The people who walked with us as we were scared and confused, tired and sleepless, rejoicing in the small steps.

The people who saw our boy’s smiles and cries and big dark blue eye.

The people who answered our many questions, who understood we wanted to know everything, who drew diagrams and spelled medications and explained procedures, who gave us opportunity to contribute ideas, who allowed us to be part of his medical team.

The ones who cried with us and loved us.

The ones who let us in to their heart and cared SO much.  We know it hurts to do that.  We know you can’t always do that.  But you did it for the three of us, and we’re so grateful.

I think of you often.  I never seem to have the words to capture my gratitude.

I know you’re working hard for many other families RIGHT now.  I know you spend your free time thinking of your patients and wondering about them. I know because you told us.  Problem solving in the middle of the night.  Wondering how we are doing all weekend long.  Checking in on the monitors from your desk or from home.  Caring in the best way you can.

I know your families and children might not be able to get all your attention because your job demands a lot, and I’m thankful to them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One thought on “Our Team

  1. T Senter says:

    When I read your words I can relate on many levels. I know my situation is different but my labor was long difficult and scary. My daughter flat lined moments after I gave birth. I was robbed of the elated feelings of joy as fear and desperation took over. My baby girl was wisked away for hours. I dont know if I have ever typed these words or really explored these feeling but like you I have such fond memories of the staff that rushed to care for her and resuscitate her and reassure me that she will be ok. I would drive by the hospital every day to work and a warm feeling would wash over me. They saved her they kept me whole. I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels so close to the staff at the hospital that gave me and my precious baby their 100%. My nurse skipped her lunch and stayed late to make sure she made it through delivery and escorted me into my recovery room. Angels on earth for sure.


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