Meaningful Gifts

I felt like sharing some meaningful gift ideas… Why does this matter?  Because giving gifts shows love and is a huge part of our culture this season.  Why am I posting about this?  I’m not entirely sure, but I suppose it’s because I want to encourage others to think of the meaning behind what they are giving.  It seems that it’s all too easy to just buy gift cards or something generic, but here are some that might have some more meaning to the giver and recipient.

Obviously, anything homemade or handmade is so meaningful.  I don’t think I need to list those, because pinterest has that covered.  I suppose most of these are more female-gifts, but several are not! 

Cause-Related Gifts
World Vision (many other organizations do this, too) has awesome gifts you can purchase (in someone’s name) for people in other areas of the world and cards you can print to give to the person you’re buying it for.  Give chickens to a family in a developing country ($25).  Give two soccer balls ($16) to children who might otherwise be playing with garbage.  Give money towards a micro-loan for a man or woman to start a business to get out of poverty.  Give life-saving food and care to children.  
Go Shout Love.  They give proceeds to families with medical expenses.  Plus they have awesome shirts.   
Noonday Jewelry.  Handmade in different parts of the world by artisans.  It’s high-quality, and they actually make a living by making it.  It’s beautiful.
Donate to any organization you love and support in someone’s name as a gift to them.  It’s such a special thing for someone who needs very little (really…isn’t that pretty much all of us, though?)
Adult coloring books and colored pencils.  How is this meaningful?  Self-care, y’all.
Journal or art journal
Plants.  I’m sure I could find a study to support that they make your life better, but just trust me on this one.
Art/Prints/Quotes– make it or buy it on etsy or find a free printable online (Ann Voskamp has beautiful ones for free)
An event or class or outing together– these are the best kinds of gifts.  Memories together. 
Handmade ornaments
Art supplies for kids (or adults)
Music – a few of my favorites lately are jj Heller and The Brilliance
For Kids 
The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Obviously this one is near and dear to my heart (Room 423 Bibles).  We used it several years ago for a weekly kids church and fell in love with the stories and illustrations. I really like the deluxe one with the audio included.  
Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. I love this advent book for the whole family by Ann Voskamp.  She has free corresponding activities on her website (printable ornaments, coloring pages, etc).  Bring back meaning to the Christmas season.
For Adults
Jesus Calling.  I love this devotional by Sarah Young.  I’ve used it for several years now, and it speaks constant truth to me. 
ESV study bible.  Sam’s parents gave me one with my name engraved on it a few years ago, and it’s been such a great study bible. 
ESV journaling bible.  I’ve seen other people using these and I think they are so cool.  It’s a bible with extra space to art journal/draw/write.  
Hinds Feet on High Places.  This is a wonderful allegorical story (similar to Pilgrim’s Progress) of following God’s path. 
Streams in the Desert. Another daily devotional that is wonderful.  
One Year Book of Hope. I just started reading this recently.  It’s great for anyone who has experienced any type of loss or change and needs a reminder of God’s faithfulness.
Gift Subscription to Skye Jethani’s Daily Email Devotional.  Sam has enjoyed this.  

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