Clive’s Mama and Clive’s Daddy

This is who we are.
Talk to us about Clive, say his name, ask us questions, tell us your favorite thing about him.
We want to share him with everyone.
We wish we could share every part of him.  We can share memories, pictures, videos.  We can share our hearts that are forever changed.
We think about him all the time, more than you could ever know.  Everything reminds me of him.  Sometimes in happy ways, sometimes in ways that make me lose my breath.
He had these amazing dark blue eyes, so open and alert.  He loved to turn to look at his daddy when he heard his voice.


His body was so strong, did so much to overcome his illnesses and setbacks.  He could LIFT HIS HEAD and turn it when he didn’t want to lay a certain way on my chest.
He smelled so good. Make-you-dizzy good.  I still have one blanket that smells a little of him.
He had these amazingly long fingers and toes– like his dad and aunt Holly.

His dimples.  Did you know Sam has dimples? I didn’t know, until Clive.  He smiled ALL the time.  He makes us smile so much.

His hair.  Auburn, so soft, so long and thick.


There’s so much more, so much that can’t be put into words on a blog.  So much that I carry in my heart.
Please, talk about him.  Not just now, but for years.  He’s always with us, will always be our son, our first-born, our amazing fighter.
We might cry when you talk about him.  We might smile or laugh.  That’s okay, that’s normal.  We still want to talk about him.
We don’t ever want him forgotten.
Love, Clive’s Mama and Clive’s Daddy


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